Patients who presented a large weight loss commonly observed after bariatric surgery may present cutaneous flaccidity in the dorsal region and flanks as well as gluteal fall due to excess skin without filling the fat. In these cases, abdominoplasty alone can often not solve the problem. It is necessary to perform a surgery that removes excess skin from this region. This procedure is called torsoplasty.

The incision of the abdominoplasty extends to the back, above the buttocks, and another incision is located a few centimeters above this according to the amount of skin that one wishes to remove. With this procedure, it is possible to remove a "band" or "tape" of skin and fat that was left in the dorsal region. This also elevates the gluteal region by a few centimeters. The scar is located at the transition between the gluteal region and the back of patient . The procedure takes between 2 and 3 hours when performed alone. Needs epidural or general anesthesia. The patient may be discharged the next day. Other surgeries such as abdominoplasty or liposuction can be performed. The recovery period is one month. Post surgical mesh and lymphatic drainage are required postoperatively.


Post surgical mesh and lymphatic drainage.


1 month.

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