Facial Fractures

Fraturas Faciais

What are the etiologies that result in facial trauma?

Sports, falls, motor vehicle accidents, assaults, and work-related accidents.

What are the goals of treating facial fractures?

The objectives in the treatment of trauma and oral and facial injuries is a suitable aesthetic and functional result.

What happens if a fracture of the face is not treated properly?

Usually fractures of the bones of the face, cause a disocclusion (wrong bite) of the teeth. If the fracture is not properly treated by returning facial aesthetics and normal occlusion (bite), a number of aesthetic and functional problems will occur. Fractures of the orbit (bone cavity where the eye is located), for example, can lead to severe sequelae such as diplopia (double vision).

How is face fracture surgery?

Most facial fractures are surgically treated with small titanium or absorbable plates and screws - Rigid Internal Fixation (FIR) - at the fracture site.

What are the benefits of surgical treatment with FIR?

The FIR prevents the patient from being tied for several days, benefiting from a much shorter period of recovery, normal hygiene of the mouth, normal chewing soon after surgery, normal speech and being able to return to their daily routine more briefly.

What is the advantage of using FIR with absorbable material?

Today with the use of FIR with absorbable material there is no concern about the possibility of having to remove the FIR material in the future. This material is extremely important in the treatment of facial fractures in children because they are actively growing on the face bones, and do not need to undergo further surgery to remove the FIR material.


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