Fat Grafts

Enxertos de Gordura

What is fat grafting procedure?

It is the use of a small amount of fat of the patient to be used as a filler.

Where can fat be injected?

The fat can be injected into the lips, facial grooves and jaws to attenuate expression marks. During a liposculpture, the fat that is removed from the abdomen and flanks can be used to increase the glutes and further enhance the body contour. The breasts can be enlarged in this way, but the changes are discrete and different from the result obtained with a breast prosthesis. It is an option for those who do not make major changes. In breast reconstruction the centrifuged fat has also been gaining a lot of space, in the refinement of results and in the improvement of deformities after the quadrantectomies.

How is this fat removed and processed?

Small face procedures can be performed in the office with local anesthesia. An average of 40 ml of fat is removed, which is centrifuged and purified. After this process we have 10 to 15 ml of fat rich in stem cells, ready to be used to increase the lips and the nasogenian grooves. During liposuction, the amounts of fat removed are larger and the patient is under epidural or general anesthesia. Part of this fat rather than being discarded can be used to perform a liposculpture.

Does not fat reabsorb?

The more modern technique that centrifuges the fat before reinjecting it makes the graft reabsorb very little, with long-lasting and stable results in the long term. New procedures can be done if necessary.

What are the advantages of this technique?

The advantages of the technique are in the absence of rejection and allergic reactions, as it is a own tissue of patient and in the rejuvenating properties of the stem cells that are injected along with the fat.

How is recovery?

In the case of fills in the face, after 7 days the edema has already reduced by 80 to 90%. Depending on the fragility of the skin of patient, ecchymoses (purplish areas) may also occur, which also improve between 7 and 10 days. The association of lymphatic drainage optimizes recovery and returns to routine activities.


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