Botox Application

Aplicação de Botox

What is BOTOX® for Aesthetic Medicine?

BOTOX ® has been used for the immediate treatment of facial wrinkles. The best results are for wrinkles of the forehead, those of the region between the eyebrows and those of the corner of the eyes, the feet of "crow".

Can BOTOX® take away the naturalness of expression and make the face "hardened"?

The BOTOX ® performed efficiently, brings a great result. These results are responsible for the explosion in their use. The patient and his / her circle of family relationship and friendship perceive the improvement, but this improvement should be natural, and it is desirable that it is not easily perceived that BOTOX ® has been applied. People say that the patient is well, looking rested and looking better. The exaggeration of the use of BOTOX ® presents unnatural results, which should not be the goal of treatment. At Naturale Clinic, we prefer BOTOX ® for the feet of crow , for forehead wrinkles and for attenuation of glabella wrinkles. We leave wrinkles and furrows from other locations for other techniques, and thus keep the results natural.

Is BOTOX ® dangerous to use?

No. The drug has been tested since 1984 in the United States and is released by the US FDA, which is the strictest drug control in the world. It has been released since 1992 by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. The initial use was for people who had muscle spasms and most recently began to be used in aesthetic medicine. It is a new medicine for esthetics, but is already well known for other medical uses which gives safety in its application. In the esthetic treatments small doses, from 25 to 50 Units are used, while the dose that would cause complications is much larger, of 3000 Units. Being used by experienced doctors the problems are extremely rare.

Is there BOTOX cream?

The so-called BOTOX cream is Argireline. The Biological Action of the cream really resembles the action of Botulinum Toxin, but at much lower intensity. It does not replace BOTOX, but can be used as a coadjuvant. The cream, like BOTOX, acts on the release of acetylcholine, vesicles that are part of the nerve and promote muscle contraction. The contraction blockage, causes the skin to be smoothed from the minor action of the muscle.

Are there more than one type of BOTOX ®?

There are several types of botulinum toxin BOTOX ® and Dysport ® are type A. Myobloc ® is type B. Type B toxin has similar effects, but its great use is in the few patients who present resistance to type A, or receive the application but the effects are small or of short duration. in these cases Type B, Myobloc® can be used.

How does BOTOX ® work?

The drug blocks the function of the muscle in which it was injected. The muscle relaxes and does not contract more for some time. The muscles in which it is injected have no function for the body and are the ones that cause wrinkles. With the relaxation of these muscles you get the disappearance of wrinkles.

Is the region where the medicine is given anesthetized?

No, there is no change in sensitivity. What changes is only the movement capacity of some muscles that are the creators of wrinkles and expression grooves.

Is the treatment suitable for all ages?

Yes, some people who have these very strong muscles may have appearance of expression marks very early, even soon after the age of 20. In very old people, the marks are deeper and may require complementary treatment with filling, but all ages can gain benefit to the appearance with this treatment.

How long does the treatment effect last?

The movement may come back in a variable period of time, but the wrinkles may come back in about 6 months or more. The BOTOX ® should be reapplied, not immediately when the movements come back, but a little later, when the wrinkles begin to reappear. Like this. everything happens as if time had been paralyzed at least for wrinkles.

Is there any long-term effect?

There is a need to repeat the applications to maintain the effect, but in the long run there is a residual effect due to decreased muscle activity and control of the contracting habit. Smaller doses may then be required to achieve the desired effect. But this does not happen equally for all people.

Does BOTOX ® Application cause pain?

Very delicate material is used to make the applications, such as microneedles, and it is also used previously an anesthetic cream that leaves the treatment very tolerable and well accepted. Very sensitive people can undergo an anesthetic block of the forehead region, which leaves the procedure is even more tolerable.

Is it a time-consuming treatment? Is it necessary to rest after the application?

No, the application is simple and takes an average of 10 minutes. It is done in the clinic itself and the patient can return immediately to work, does not need any rest.

Can you take sun after application?

There are no restrictions on the sun because of the treatment, however, it is recommended to use sunscreen because the goal is facial rejuvenation.

Is the treatment expensive?

The medication costs relatively expensive, but the treatment is not very expensive because it is simple and does not require hospitalization to be performed.


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